Done with Individual Development? Evolving Together is the Answer.

Does the idea of another self-help book, manifestation program or newest guru leave you cold?

Have you stopped journaling, writing about your feelings, or meditating on your own as much?

Lately this has been my story and I’ve also heard this from friends and clients. Actually, I think it is a GOOD sign! I think we have tipped the “100th monkey” and are entering our third wave of empowerment as humanity and YOU, my friend, are on the leading edge of that wave.

I heard Steve Rother with talk about 3 Waves of Empowerment several years ago and I’ve summarized it this way.

1st Wave – Our focus in early humanity was on meeting our essential needs of safety, food and security. We learned how to gather in groups and focus on the good of the whole.

2nd Wave – As primal needs were met, we began to know ourselves as individuals and our focus shifted on satisfying the needs for love and relationship, as well as vocational/educational success and achievement. At the highest vibration, we learned how to shine individually and step into authentic power.

3rd Wave – Where we are moving to is an ability to harmonize what we learned from the first two waves, how to simultaneously collaborate with others with a focus on what is best for the whole, without diminishing or diluting our own unique truth and gifts. This is a “triality” state of being, rather than “duality.”

What I took from this is that WE CAN NOT MOVE INTO THE THIRD WAVE ALONE! In order for the 3rd wave of empowerment to truly come into being, we MUST be working together with groupcocreateearth
others, all of us giving our unique gifts in service to the whole.

That’s why it no longer excites us to work on “personal” development, doing the individually focused work. Our own development, really, our own evolution, must occur in collaboration with others who are also evolving and learning this new skill of “triality.” As we evolve in this new way, we normalize synergy, collaboration, respectful interactions, and holistic empowerment as the model for the new world, bringing it into the NOW world.

You need community to evolve your capacities for living in triality, and I need your help to build the community. Won’t you help create the magic of sharing your strengths as we create together the skills for living eyes-wide-open as the physical embodiment of our Essence, our Divine Selves?

In The Spiritual Explorer’s Path we focus, as a group, on what it means to live in “triality.”   Together we practice skills over 10 consciousness sharing/expanding tele-classes beginning Tuesday, March 1. You will also receive the e-course intensive materials, downloadable meditations and a private Facebook group.

Register here:

Let’s EVOLVE together!

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After Fat Tuesday Will You Take Off Your Mask?

mask_carnival_decorationDid you know that originally the wearing of masks during Mardi Gras was a way that allowed people to escape the rigid class constraints of their day and mingle with people of all classes? They could be whomever they desired to be, an experiment of sorts, at changing their place in society.

I suspect that in some ways we think we still do that. That is, we think we wear our daily “masks” to control the way in which others view us, or perhaps, control the way we view ourselves.

What if, however, we are actually wearing our “masks” out of fear of how BIG we really are! Remember Marianne Williams’ famous speech that included?

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.

I have two opportunities for helping you to take off your mask, and step far more boldly into the Light you are here to shine:

  • If you are part of the new generation of people who want to be forerunners in the evolution of our humanity, you know that you are here to actually incarnate as the Divine Spirit that you are, to make visible and tangible what was once invisible.
    If you are on the fence about registering for this advanced program, please email me at so that I can answer any questions and sweeten the deal for you.

    The Spiritual Explorer’s Path leads you in this very process. Explore how to surrender to, and then boldly step forth as, your Embodied Essence. You can create this skill set in collaboration with others who also thrive at evolving consciousness through themselves. The teleclass & intensive e-course begins Tuesday, March 1, 7:00 pm. If you are a pioneer of consciousness, this is the next step beyond self-healing and self-exploration. We will be a community together, co-creating.
    Register here:

  • This one is for the spiritual female entrepreneur who so desires to be of service, yet, isn’t making the BIG impact that she knows her gift can make in the world. Appropriate this FREE workshop takes place on Fat Tuesday (2/9, 5:00 pm CT), because you will discover specific, actionable ways to remove your mask and be the source of transformation and change you know is possible through your message. Rachael Jayne Groover can help you. This complimentary Master Class is titled, “The TRUTH about what it takes to be visible and well compensated as a FEMININE LEADER.” I’ve attended other webinars by Rachael Jayne and she really does give value for your investment of time.
    Here’s where you register (free):

In our natural state, we are glorious beings. In the world of illusion, we are lost and imprisoned. Marianne Williams

So, what will it be?

Fat Tuesday forever?

Be the Glorious Being You came here to be?

Let’s Talk About What It Feels Like When YOU Feel Yourself Living as Essence Embodied?
Please do share your comments!

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What I Learned During a Sabbatical

I’m baaaccckkkkk!

You might not have noticed, but I took a year off for a sabbatical. How very grateful I am for the circumstances in my life that allowed me this incredible opportunity. I feel both a pull to return to writing and coaching, and also the tug to continue to play in the freedom of less structure. I am at a crossroads, standing with infinite possible choices in front of me. I am still sorting it out.

At this time last year I was reveling in the freedom of not being tied to a clock, having spent many years making sure the client I was with was well served and the session felt complete, all by the end of the hour, so that I could then be on time for the next person. Ahhhh, no watch! I was also highly engaged with packing up belongings for my move to a new town and setting up a new home.

What I most wanted was to luxuriate in the time and space of this opportunity and not to fill it up with “creating stuff I ‘had’ to get done,” which was a very old habit. And, I’m happy to say I took full advantage.  I spent many quiet hours meditating, journaling, taking spiritual/conscious evolutionary classes, sitting with my cat, working with a personal development book, and also, watching movies, walking, riding my bike, swimming in the river, and cooking.

Some areas of my life that I played with over the year included:

  • The call to “prove my worth” is very strong and it took awareness and willpower to stop developing an internal list of what I had done each day that could be considered “productive,” and, therefore, justify taking this “time off.” I had to break through the equation that doing = worthiness = self-acceptance. I found that noticing what is wanting to happen and then letting it unfold took both stillness and practice. Self-acceptance became something I took a stand for and not the byproduct of my “doingness.”

In what ways do you find yourself trying to prove your own worth? Does self-acceptance happen after you’ve done something to earn it, or can you accept yourself first, regardless of what you do or don’t do? Do others have to “do the right thing” before you can accept them?

  • big leapI played with concepts from the book, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks, especially around the commitment, “I feel good, always.”  We have ways of “upper limiting” ourselves and create problems to hold ourselves in check at a status quo. The equation might look something like, feeling good = don’t deserve this = better dampen it or something even worse will happen. Having few responsibilities was a great way to illuminate my mental habit of worrying, often daydreaming of problems that didn’t even exist! The task at hand was to raise my level of awareness to “catch myself” going down a rabbit hole and then shine a light on how I was “upper limiting” myself. Having done tons of personal development work on myself, it was actually a bit mind blowing to see how much of a habit this was for me.

Ways you might “upper limit” yourself other than using worry include criticism/blame, deflection of positive energy, squabble, or get sick/injured. Notice how often these things happen when moments before you were feeling good. Raising your level of awareness is the first step to shifting your upper limit upward!

  • One last big sandbox I played in was that of letting go of identities, particularly ones having to do with work and career. I referred to myself as “being on sabbatical” and yet I was asked all the time, “what does it feel like to be retired?” Retired? That’s for someone that’s a lot older than me, who is through with working. I felt (and sometimes still feel) so much resistance to that word, maybe because there is a part of me that fears I am through, washed up, no longer of service. What I realized from this experience was how attached I was to what I did, what I accomplished, what I was paid for and whether I was being of service. I now play a game to see if I can have a conversation with someone without saying, “I am ….., marriedcoco on hike, a coach, a this or that.” It’s NOT easy!!! Even deeper, however, I have begun to feel the identities I hold as cords, and play with the feeling of unraveling and loosening the hold they have on me. My aging cat helped me with this when I became way too attached to caring for him. Energetically I felt the cord I had attached to him as his “caretaker” and together, at least it felt that way, we severed the cord. It was actually quite painful, both physically and emotionally for me, but it was such a clear understanding of just how bound to our identities we can be. I will always honor him for this precious lesson. I am still very much engaged with the prospect of what it looks and feels like to let go of attachments to what and who I think I am.

Notice your inner energy state whenever you hear the words, “I am [a]” come out of your mouth. Do you puff up with pride; do you feel shame? Is there a “need” to claim this identity? It’s the noticing of how tightly you feel attached to this identity that is interesting and how it might feel to let it begin to slide away, or even loosen its hold just a little bit.

Maybe what I most want you to know is that none of these things I talked about are “problems,” and I don’t think they need to be “fixed” or “healed,” for me or for you. They were the places I “played” while I was experiencing life without a lot of borders. I share them with you here so that if you notice these in yourself, you’ll recognize them for the “games that people play,” learn what you want to from the game, then let go of any attachment or identification with them. Where I always return after any “playful examination,” is that life is the most fun when you know yourself to be the Divine Spirit that you are, and allow yourself to fully incarnate on this Earth as Spirit having fun playing a human.

I look forward to sharing resources and writing about multi-dimensional living again. Please join me on my Facebook page, for fresh insights and upcoming programs that hold cutting edge opportunities for evolving your self and our world.

Heads Up!  My newest e-learning product and telecourse revolves around incarnating as Spirit!  Check out The Spiritual Explorer’s Path.  New class begins Tuesday, March 1.

Tell me, in what areas of your psyche are you playing with these days?

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Supplicate & Surrender, Can I? Can You?

Twice each month I have the most incredible opportunity to connect deeply, spiritually, and heart-to-heart with a small group of conscious evolutionaries that I met through my training with Barbara Marx Hubbard. Last week we each contributed around the felt vision of an evolved humanity, a “global supra-human organism in which no one is left out, everyone has a role to play, and everyone’s interests are aligned with each other’s interests and with the planet.” This is not just an idealistic utopian fantasy, but is the potential culmination of billions of years of evolutionary progression. It is the “structure” for which our planet, which is in chaos, is looking for as a coherent structural order that draws humanity towards a higher order. Evolutionaries see this structure as a benevolent “strange attractor” that lifts the chaos into its new order.

groupcocreateearthIn our group, we referred to this structure as a “cooperative” organism and likened it to the body, an organism of trillions upon trillions of individual cells. As one member of our group commented:

an organism is a structure in which the interests of every member of the group are completely aligned with the group’s interests. There are no debates about minimum wage between the spleen and the quadriceps; no lobbying for a thousand times the “minimum wage” by the brain, while other organs or cells in the body are dying of starvation. All organs are fully supportive of each other and every cell has a role to play. The lungs don’t try to convince the kidneys that they should be more “lung-like.”

The very next morning in meditation I immediately began receiving a very specific message:

Suffer, Supplicate, Surrender

Yikes!! What is this that is bombarding me?

Push back NOW, resist, resist!

Even as I felt my body tightening up and resisting this message, I focused on breathing and opening up to at least “hear” what was streaming to me, mostly at a rate much faster than I was able to take in.

The word, “supplicate” held the strongest energy for me, one that was definitely NOT comfortable. This word meant groveling, looking outside of myself for answers, and begging for mercy, none of which fits my idea of my relationship to the Divine. It was very hard for my “mind” not to get in the way of this download, to throw up barricades and shut down the flow.

Breath, center, ground, know that you are Divine and protected, listen. I heard:

“We move forward as a cooperative organism [whether that be our own body, relationships, or humanity] by releasing our need and desire for recognition, approval, individuality and uniqueness. We all have a talent to be of service and if each is in their service, all are recognized as an important part of the whole. To live from this cooperative state is to end suffering as no one would need for something that would not automatically be a part of the cooperative whole. We must supplicate ourselves to release our separated states and surrender individuality for the benefit of the whole.”

Resistance big time!

Really? I can’t be seen as unique? My beliefs have been to see each of us as a facet of the whole diamond, shining our unique perspective of the whole. What if this belief is a way for my separated self (my Ego that so wants to glory in its individuality) to stay in control?

It was at this time I was shown several areas of my physical body that aren’t 100%.

“Just like your right leg is resisting it’s service to the whole and wants separate attention, even with the expense of pain and suffering. Suffering is preferable as a unique understanding of the separated self to the seemingly conglomerate [anonymity] of the whole.”

Deep breath.

But, supplicate? I must beg to be released?

Once again I was shown an experience in my life to create understanding.

hummingbird“You’ve experienced the ecstasy of a supplicated state before.” And then I was flooded with the memory of an experience I had sitting in meditation on a mountain in New Mexico. During that meditation I opened my eyes to see a hummingbird hovering right in front of my face and then I was suffused with the energy of LOVE, not as an emotion, but as a BEING state. It was ONE consciousness, it was God, it was ALL THAT IS, it was bigger than I could actually hold. It was beautiful. And, even though I can remember this experience, I’ve never quite been able to enter that energy state again. But, now I know that “supplication” is an entering into the “glory, power and presence” of LOVE, and not a subjugated state.

I’m not exactly sure what to make of this meditation, but it has definitely stuck with me. I am on the verge of a transition in my life to a new home, located 100 miles from where I currently live. This future move certainly has me asking questions about what I will “do” when I get there. What is my service to the whole? What does “surrendering my separated self” really look like? Is it possible to form a cooperative structure in my own microcosm of humanity? What would that even look like?

How are you playing with the ideas of surrender and supplication?


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Do You Make a Difference in Our World?

Ever feel too small and insignificant to make a difference?

woman_face_portraitIt’s such an easy out from taking action on something important. “Who am I to do this? What difference can I make?” you ask yourself.

As a conscious evolutionary, I believe that our souls make a conscious choice to be in physical form at particular times in history in order to serve our humanity in some particular way. Actually, you’re the only one that can do what you do in the particular way that you do it.

Maybe it’s fear that stops us.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  – Marianne Williams

I think it’s the fear of being overworked, overwhelmed, and over committed that holds us back. Being “powerful beyond measure” sounds like we might be asked to take on a lot of work, shoulder a load of responsibility, and tackle insurmountable obstacles. In a world where most of us already feel overworked and overwhelmed, it’s not surprising that we would prefer to shrink from our power, rather than to step into it. I asked a client this week what might she do with some unexpected free time. Her response surprised me at first, but I certainly could identify with it. She just wanted to veg out watching an old TV series she’s rented from Netflix that she really enjoys. I understand the enticement to get lost to entertainment, to appreciate someone else’s work, and to shirk off any sense of responsibility.

What if being “powerful beyond measure” actually meant stripping down your life to taking small, meaningful actions rather than the larger than life ones we imagine? I think the question is more about what you are willing to let go of in your life in order to be powerful, rather than what you are willing to take on.

There’s fear here too!

If I’m not “doing” a lot of stuff the same questions as before show up, “Who am I (if I’m not this identity)? What difference can I make (if I’m not doing all this work)?

Our culture looks favorably on the highly productive, driven person who is seen as a successful contributor to society. However, one of the first skills my coaching clients practice is how to say “no” to everything extraneous in their lives. We begin by stripping their lives down to only those things that reflect their top 3-5 values. The less distracted you are by the superfluous, the more aware of your unique powerful beingness you can become. It’s only then that you get clear, small actions in alignment with who you really are, create meaningful differences.

Powerful beyond measure” loses the connotation of excess work when you look through evolutionary eyes. It is who you are really here to be, stripped of masks and identities that no longer serve you, divested of “should’s and ought’s,” and immersed in the creative field of a spiritual being. You do the thing you are here to do because it calls you, in a step-by-step way, that you are now able to hear because your life is consciously designed to reflect you, as your Higher Self, no longer small nor insignificant.


SpringOfSustainability2014-200.200Supporting our planet provides a wonderful opportunity for taking small actions that create meaningful differences. You can find practices that you resonate with in the Spring of Sustainability Telesummit, nine weeks of short, action-driven interviews, April 28 – June 27. Registration is free.

Giant Earth Day celebration today!

More information at:


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What’s Your Personal Anchor to One Consciousness?

I’ve only ice-skated a handful of times in my life, and yet there is a sensation inside of me that I associate with skating AND with feeling connected.  In December of 2011 a figure skater appeared for me as a metaphor for my desire to flow through a lot of work while maintaining “grace, ease, effortlessness, and balance.”  (This blog post also offers a cool tool for shifting perspective in the form of a spinning dancer; see more here.)

This year, it seems that a long track skater holds the morphic energy field for me of singularity, the union of myself with All That Is.

I’m lucky enough to meet regularly with a small group of conscious evolutionaries willing to connect heart-2-heart and share our deep and personal musings from Essence.  One evening during the 2014 Winter Olympics we each shared our most resonant, most personal understanding of our relationship with Consciousness, Source, the Universe, All That Is.

My belief is that I AM Consciousness, and that you are also Consciousness; that each of us is a unique facet of One Universal Energy (Love).  For me, Consciousness/Source is not something outside of me to look to, but is me perceiving and responding to life through my eyes, and your eyes, and everyone’s eyes.  What surprised me is that I as I shared my beliefs I could feel this long track speed skater skating around and around a track.  It struck me at the time as sort of a lonely feeling, just the one skater, dim lights, no crowds.

speed skaterWhen I laid down that night and closed my eyes, I could feel myself inside of this skater.  No longer was I lonely, rather I was joyful, energized, exuberant and vibrant with life.  I felt the whole universe within me, as the universe, skating around and around this track, complete, whole, One.  I could feel the muscles in my body pushing the skates and then gliding, the effort and the effortlessness were the same energy, with different sensations, yet still the same, somehow.  Every once in awhile I “slipped out” of this delicious sensation and found myself watching the skater and thinking, “how lonely,” only to then be swept back up into the skater and feel glorious!

Do you have a clear understanding of your personal relationship with the Divine? 
Have you spent time sifting out cultural or familial conditioning to find your own belief? 
What image or metaphor holds the energy state of being that anchors your belief?

Would love for you to share your thoughts below!

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New Year’s Day Blessing for You and Our Planet

Donyvon, my hair stylist, raved about this movie, “I Am,” which I finally watched* over the Christmas holidays.  WOW!  It is a beautiful documentary of the scientific proof of our interconnectedness with everything and everyone on this planet.  Much more important than the science however, at least to me, was this movie’s ability to open your heart to how YOU can contribute to the betterment of our planet.  Your energy, your consciousness, your actions, make a difference, which is the very definition of being a conscious evolutionary.

The most fascinating demonstration of this in the film was an experiment of electrodes placed in some yogurt and attached to a meter that could read changes in the electromagnetic field in the yogurt.  The director of the movie, Tom Shadyac (director of Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty), was encouraged to think about people or situations that would elicit a strong emotional response.  He was not hooked up to anything, yet, his emotions registered as significant changes in the electrical field of the yogurt.  This was a powerful demonstration that we ripple energy and affect everything around us; everything reads our energy!

So, with that in mind I am making a request of you for this New Year’s Day, January 1, 2014.  Around the world this day is traditionally focused on questions such as “how can I be a better person, have a better life, etc.,” creating a huge wave of collective desire (strong emotion!) for something new.  Will you join me, along with the 1200+ friends of Ken Graydon, and use this wave of collective emotion to amplify a healing for ourselves, and therefore for our world?

The following blessing is from Ken Graydon, based on his work with the Organ Regeneration Process which recognizes that you are a hologram for all.  Feel the energy embedded in this, change the words to fit your own spiritual understandings if you need to, and then read it aloud on Wednesday, January 1.

starsI am in spirit; I and the Creator are one.
My healing blesses all of creation.
My intention with this healing is to offer regeneration to this whole body to bring it to the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical standard that the Creator and I had planned for it to be at now.
I go to the high point of my soul where I may tap into the source of all healing, the place of healing peace, the fountain of joy and the river of abundance. I am wrapped in a cloak of power, which may only be used for good. My tongue is blessed that I may speak the words of power, but only when used with love.

I make every effort to expand my consciousness, understanding and spiritual awareness to be the best possible representative of the Creator’s teaching and healing intentions for people, animals, environment and the planet.

I believe in this healing. I accept and allow all the blessings into my life. I am filled with gratitude and peace.

And so it is.


May you experience a blessed, abundant, healthy and astonishingly connected love for our planet in 2014.


* I watched the movie on HuluPlus.  I read that it’s also available on Netflix and you can rent it on Amazon.

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Is This 5D Body Consciousness?

Ooooo-weeeee!  It’s always interesting to set intentions and then see what shows up!

The intention I set this past summer was to explore a deeper experience of body consciousness that is natural, whole and infinite; a consciousness that is distinct from my Essence, yet entangled with it.  My sense of this body consciousness that is emerging through me is different than anything I’ve read about or experienced before.

It is not about how emotions and limiting beliefs are stored in the body, though I am quite aware of this consciousness and have tools and techniques to explore this inner landscape.  Nor is it about using consciousness to morph or shift my physical body, as I also have experiences, tools and processes to do this as well.   It is a consciousness I have not yet fully grasped, but can sense a distinction for myself that is beyond the denseness of 3D physicality, yet is completely in the physical realm.

I just returned from a very physically focused vacation of hiking and mountain biking where I had a couple of experiences that seem to relate to my intention of getting a deeper sense of an innate body consciousness.  The first was an experience that seemed to be stored in my very DNA at the lowest end of the vibration scale, while the second experience seemed to be total integration of my physicality with the environment at higher vibrations.

Luckily for us the state of Utah took up the expense of the national parks and opened Arches NP.  One of the most recognizable images of this park is the “Delicate Arch” which Delicate Archtakes a 1 ½ mile hike up, up, up to see.  It is outstandingly beautiful.  Much to my surprise, however, I experienced an anxiety attack stepping onto the slanted rock that surrounded the arch.  Though called “slick rock,” the surface of this rock is like sand paper, not slick at all, but rather sticky.  Kids were jumping and running all around me, yet my body began to shake uncontrollably.  It was incredibly interesting for me to observe the “irrational” sense of a lack of safety, and I was fascinated to hear myself actually begin to whimper and cry, even as my husband supported my body and tried to walk me toward the arch.  I tried to “feel” for the fear, but actually couldn’t find a field of energy, it felt “outside” of emotion.  This experience was definitely in the “lizard” brain, my body reacting to it’s own “danger, danger” warning signal, something ingrained or conditioned.  What occurred to me, even in that moment, is that I was experiencing the physical representation of the separated body consciousness, just like lower vibrating Ego states are the representation of the separated Essence.

Onion Creek TrailOn our last day in Moab, we mountain biked through beautiful red rock canyons along Onion Creek.  We crossed the creek 20+ times on the way out, challenging my skills, but doable.  After our lunch break we retraced our ride, this time with a downhill gradient, and the creek crossings took on a whole new feel.  It felt like I had become one with this environment.  The water splashing sounded like laughter.  The sandy loam that had tugged me off the bike on the way out, seemed to pull me forward and through to firmer soil as we flew back to the car on our bikes.  The blue sky, the red rock, the laughing stream, the sandy soil, the bike and my body were all co-creating simultaneously the physical expression of joy!

Yes, the emotion was there, but it was more than that.  I was experiencing the physical sensation of an expanded body consciousness, in its whole and natural state of physicality integrating in oneness with other physicality just like when I feel myself as expanded Essence and a facet of All That Is.  To me, these feel like distinct, yet entangled, states of consciousness.  It was a “taste test” of what is possible, of what I think 5D physicality might feel like.  I look forward to more of it!

Are You Playing with A New Sense of Your Body Consciousness?

  •  You can learn a lot of fun tools and processes that connect you to higher states of consciousness in the Consciousness Playground with Wendy Down.  She is currently running a program for an online Quantum Body Sculpting program.
  • How often do you consciously connect with your body in physical ways?  Not just a workout, but rather a focused sensing of your physical self interacting with the physical world.  I often play the game of “I am that also” and actually feel myself as the tree branches blowing in the wind, or the persistent steadiness of a large rock, or the muscles, tendons and joints of a working muscle.  In what ways do you play in physicality?   Please, comment below.
  • What are your ideas about the physical aspects of being in a 5D world?



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First WayShower in the Playground!

Look, there’s nobody at the playground!” I heard a child shrill with excitement as he ran to be the first one on the slide this morning.  I was sitting deep in meditation with a friend and heard this just as I was lost in the sensation of something new wanting to emerge within me.  What a great metaphor for the WayShower, to feel the excitement and joy of being the “first” (or at least at the leading edge) to play with a new level of consciousness!

I don’t have words yet for what is brewing within me around a new level of consciousness that is coming into our physical bodies.  My sense is that it has to do with a level of body consciousness that is outside (at least initially) of the mental realm, and that is somehow different than the body consciousness I’ve explored before.  I am very familiar with observing changes in the body in order to learn more about my emotions and my conditioned responses.  I play often with using intention to shift physical reality.  I’ve also experienced feeling “myself” merge completely with physicality and become pure consciousness, which then shifts physical reality, including my body.  Still, something different is brewing.

Free Stock Images: Dunes On The Island Picture. Image: 225709

© Photographer Iryna Shpulak |

It began several weeks ago when in meditation at the same outdoor space as above I had the most phenomenal experience.  The day was extremely windy and blustering gusts were buffeting my body.  There were also two men with leaf blowers working around us, why on a windy day I can’t imagine, except that they were there to co-create with me :-).  My body became a loosely knit gathering of molecules that rode out on the sound waves of the blowers, and blew in swirls with the winds.  Then, every few minutes reconstituted itself into the collection that was my body before it took off again.  I had the very distinct feeling of what it must be like to be a sand dune, blowing, moving and reforming again and again.  It was a breathtaking experience on a number of levels, and clearly set the foundation for something new to emerge.

Additionally, I am in the midst of playing with a health condition (which is a nuisance, but not serious).  During a “remote healing session” with Wendy Down and Ken Graydon, I received clarity around how the body can play its own illusory games, a place where the ego can still play outside of the mental/spiritual bodies.  Several years ago I came face to face with the “preferred” illusory game of my soul ray (read more), and felt great sadness flow through me as my ego recognized “the game is up.”  I experienced this same level of sadness and grief as my body consciousness let go of its game of separation.

I know these two experiences are related to an evolution of the body to a higher consciousness and I am excited to learn more about what it feels like and how this evolutionary step is something different than what has come before.  I feel quite sure it’s related to our movement into the 5th Dimension.  Stay tuned, I’ll fill you in when the words appear for this state of being that wants right now to stay physical, not mental or intellectualized just yet.


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Are YOU a Wayshower?

Are You A Wayshower?

Are You Answering (or resisting) the Call to Step Powerfully Into Your Purpose?

fire light 2 dreamstimefree_70114These are the questions my Conscious Evolutionary Circle is asking these days and we are sparking the flame within ourselves to not hold back, and to step powerfully forward into this calling.

The Angle News Network defines Wayshowers as “light workers who choose to bring their talents and gifts into the world in a larger way.  They use their leadership skills to help light workers contribute their skills to create a new world of community, harmony and equality.”

In our first couple of Circles about this subject, we looked at some common themes.

  • The importance of building our skills at living as our Essence, accepting and acknowledging ourselves as fully embodied and conscious spiritual beings.

This becomes a daily spiritual practice to be willing to consciously engage with others as our Essence, and be willing to notice when conditioned responses take over.   (See below for the opportunity to be a beta tester for an e-course to build this skill.)

  • To expand our spiritual practice for the integration of our beingness with our evolutionary impulse (read more) and allow “sacred activism” to ensue.
Andrew Harvey Institute for Sacred Activism

A spirituality that is only private and self-absorbed, one devoid of an authentic political and social consciousness, does little to halt the suicidal juggernaut of history. On the other hand, an activism that is not purified by profound spiritual and psychological self-awareness and rooted in divine truth, wisdom, and compassion will only perpetuate the problem it is trying to solve, however righteous its intentions. When, however, the deepest and most grounded spiritual vision is married to a practical and pragmatic drive to transform all existing political, economic, and social institutions, a holy force – the power of wisdom and love in action – is born. This force I define as Sacred Activism.”      – Andrew Harvey

  • Stepping powerfully forward as a Wayshower can feel isolating and lonely.

As you lean into your calling as a Wayshower, it is more important than ever to form community with other like-minded pioneers.  You come to recognize that you are not a-l-o-n-e, but rather, a-l-l o-n-e.  You need a place to share ideas, heart-storm your next steps, and shore each other’s courage for accepting the vulnerability of bearing one’s soul as a gift to the world.  I deeply encourage you to find one or more places, face-to-face if possible, to interact with other Wayshowers.

If you are in Austin, please consider joining our MeetUp group that Circles on the third Wednesday of the month.  We are having a special “5th week” Circle on May 29, 10:45, mezzanine of Whole Foods at 6th and Lamar.

Are You a Wayshower who hasn’t stepped out yet?

  • Build your skill for living fully embodied as your Essence.  Become a beta tester for my new e-course, How to Be a Conscious Evolutionary – The Spiritual Explorer’s Path by completing the form below.  The course will be ready for testing in about 6 – 8 weeks.  In exchange for your thoughtful insights about this product, you can receive it for FREE by completing the form below.

  • Begin to journal about what it might look like for you to take on a leadership role in the area of your gifts.  Who are you here to show the way to?  Describe the ideal person you want to mentor, inspire or encourage.  What leadership skills do you already have?  Where do you need to improve?  What occurs to you as your “next step?”  You don’t have to have the “whole” plan, just an idea for what is next.
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