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Guided experiential exercises and meditations are a powerful, yet easy way to relax into an allowing state that opens your channel to your Higher Self. The energies that are embedded in these recordings support you in releasing resistance to your awakening to the communication that is flowing to you always.

package99How To Channel Your Higher Self Audio Series

cover_channel_transparentThe following experiential exercises are the recorded versions of each exercise found in the print and e-book versions of How To Channel Your Higher Self.  We offer these:

  • To provide you with a guided meditation which often results in a deeper experience.
  • As a resource if you prefer to learn by listening rather than reading and just want the recordings.
  • As a tool for people who already have an inner communication practice and are looking for new ideas.

Listen to a sample recording

Discovering Life Force Energy – Experience an easy, yet enlightening, way to feel yourself as the energetic being that you are. (6 min., 30 sec.)

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Experience BDiscovering Life Force Energy – is an easy way for you to experience this energy source that is running through you as real, dense and “touchable,” and not just some airy-fairy fog as it is so often betrayed. (6:30 minutes) You can listen to Exp. B FREE in the yellow box or grab a FREE download when you purchase another audio.

Experience CPlaying With Energy – is a continuation of what you experienced when you discovered your own life force energy. Here, you expand the possibilities of what it means to access and utilize your ability to sense energy. (18:04 min.)

addtocart-99 Experience DBreathing Words – is based on creating relaxation through focusing on your breath and creating a calmer mind by giving the intellect a place to focus as well.  Most people continue to experience thoughts in their minds; they just learn through this type of practice to let thoughts flow without dwelling on them.  (11:02 min.)

addtocart-99Experience EOpening to Appreciation – teaches you an extraordinary portal for shifting your energetic frequency.  As you learn to appreciate all aspects of your life, even the challenging situations, you come into greater alignment with your Higher Self, automatically opening to more direct communication.  (11:44 min.)

addtocart-99Experience FCommunication Style – is your opportunity to open to the channel of the “unexpected” within you.  You’ll learn at least two things from this exercise.  First, how to utilize your heart space as a portal to your inner channel, and secondly, the various ways your Higher Self might choose to communicate new messages/ideas with you. (12:45 min.)

addtocart-99Experience G – No Boundaries– is all about shifting out of the perception that the world around you is made up of dense matter.  This exercise is your opportunity to experience yourself as a pattern of light and information commingling with other patterns of light and information around you. (12:07 min.)

addtocart-99Experience HEmotional Patterns– offers you an incredible tool for clearing out emotional energy blocks that can keep you stuck in self-sabotaging patterns.  (10:54 min.)

addtocart-99Experience I – The Mental Gap – when practiced regularly, can give you fast access to your channel of mental clarity and creativity.  It’s a powerful and useful tool for releasing the pressures of the intellect so that you can work, communicate, and live from your mental gap creating a life of ease and flow.  (10:36 min.)

addtocart-99Experience J – Crown Chakra Opening – taps into the energies of the chakra system to open your awareness of your spiritual energy body.  Even if you are not familiar with the chakra system, you will find you have an innate ability to sense your own divine spark.  (6:43 min.)

addtocart-99Experience K – Finding Your Light – takes you on an inner journey to sense your own unique light, and then moves you through to feel how your light joins, and is one with, the light of the universe.  (7:25 min.)

addtocart-99Experience L – Love Everywhere – expands upon your light experience encouraging you to experience yourself as the BIG energy that you really are.  (10:27 min.)

addtocart-99Experience MThe Daily Video – is your opportunity to experience yourself as the creator of your life.  Practicing using your imagination in this way expands your ability to see more possibilities for yourself and the way you live your life.  (8:16 min.)

addtocart-99Experience NNon-dominant Doodling – introduces you to the insights of your subconscious (Higher Self) through bypassing the logical, thinking brain that kicks in when you are using your dominant hand.  (9:00 min.)

addtocart-99Exercise P – Now You’ve Got IT – is your opportunity to experience how your sacred quiet time might look from this moment forward as you apply what you have learned through your experiences.  (9:18 min.)

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The 4 Cornerstones for Channeling Your Higher Self audio series

The 4 Cornerstones for Channeling Your Higher SelfFor purchasers of the 4 Cornerstones book, these audio meditations are offered as downloadable mp3 files as well:

Experience SSeeing Your Sacred Space – is a visioning exercise to help you create both your environment and intention for setting aside space and time to practice honing your communication skills.   (8:31 min.)

Experience LListening in Love – is an opportunity for you to open your heart to it’s expression as an energy field and not as physical form.  (9:14 min.)

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