Body Template is Easy Access to Higher Guidance

Did you experiment with using any of your energy bodies to receive guidance from your Higher Self?  Check out my last post for these four powerful portals if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

I believe that Higher Guidance is constantly in flow to us at all times and it’s a simple thing to receive.  The biggest barrier I’ve seen in my clients, and probably for myself in the past, is an expectation that their Higher Guidance should look a certain way.  Usually the expectation is to hear a voice.  What I now know is that Higher Guidance comes in many forms and to have an expectation about what it might look like is to limit yourself severely from receiving the font of guidance that is constantly streaming to you in all sorts of ways.

Here is a short video about how I used my physical energy body as a resource for guidance.  Maybe you’ll be surprised by how I played with receiving this guidance.

Want to learn more ways to tap into your Higher Guidance? What I demonstrate in the video is but one of the many simple tools I share in Play 4 Guidance.  My workshop is full of playful and simple, yet very powerful, exercises to receive clear, concrete and action-oriented information.  While you build your multisensory skill set, you learn to recognize a wide range of guidance, all of it completely individualized because it is coming from your Higher Self.  Won’t you join me?

Play 4 Guidance Austin Workshop

Sunday, January 23, 1:00 – 5:30 pm, Southwest Austin

Post a comment about your experience with this tool and receive The 4 Cornerstones for Channeling Your Higher Self e-book.

Here’s how you can experiment with your physical body template:

  • Move your body in some simple way such as lifting your arm or taking a step forward.  Now do it again, but this time don’t move your physical form, just let yourself notice moving your etheric form.  Fun, eh?  Practice this until it feels natural to notice both your physical form and your etheric form in movement.
  • Want to improve something about your movement style?  Say, you want improve your coordination or reduce some physical pain that occurs with movement.  Ask that your etheric body guide you in the movement.  See if you can let go of your need to control your body with your mind, and relax into an allowing state that “pulls” you in a direction that feels more in sync with your desires.  Observe the shifts that happen for you when you “let go.”
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