Birthing the New Norm of a Conscious Being

It began last Friday in Austin when I joined about 10 other female entrepreneurs over lunch to share what it means to run a business from a heart-centered perspectiveService to humanity, spirit focused business missions, honoring a deeper calling to fulfill life purposes, birthing evolutionary projects, these were themes expressed among the group.  The energy expanded as each shared from her authentic self.

Then I flew to Los Angeles where The Shift Network and Barbara Marx Hubbard hosted a free (!) day and half conference for any of the more than 2000 people who have participated in the Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE) Training.  Around 150 people showed up for the weekend.

And “show up” they did.  Participants were fully present to each other, connected to Essence, and eager to give as well as receive from one another.  Each person inspirational in her/his own right.

Barbara herself was lovely.  Accessible, humble, witty, charitable, Barbara is a model for BEING in this world, fully incarnating as Essence in her moment-to-moment presence.  I reveled in her ability to embody the concepts of the “third wave of empowerment,” [Steve Rother] the ability to hold authentic power without diminishing the power of those around her, nor diluting her own power.  It is this harmonizing effect of the third wave that will support the true collaborative nature of Universal Humanity, the evolving transformation potential of our future.

Kudos to Stephen Dinan and Devaa Haley Mitchell of The Shift Network for continuing to model an Enlightened business.  They are generous with their time, talents and passions as they weave a beautiful abundance tapestry of giving and receiving monetary flow through their organization.

A Conscious Evolutionary will always ask, “What is emerging?”

Could it be this heart centered, authentic embodiment of Essence is actually going to be “The New Norm?”

Listen to a small sampling from a few of the ACE participants as they share the projects and talents they are gifting to support the transformation of our humanity into the New Norm.  Notice the unique activation point that each of these people will create in the world.  Consider what your own activation point is.

Reconciliation with Native Americans – Maya Shaw Gale

Earth in Concert – Werner John

Peace Planet Project – Laura Merrell

Singing in the Shift – (The Peace Room), Sharon Abreu


Do You Embody the New Norm?

  • There are many who believe the next quantum leap for our human species is to evolve to the “Universal Human,” one whose foundational field of energy is Love.  Listen to the words you choose to use in your own life.  Are you speaking from a foundation of Love or Fear?
  • The vision for “Universal Humanity” includes a society that flows from unity consciousness and also honors the unique gifts of each individual. Harmonious daily life happens through a synergistic sharing of those gifts.  Do you collaborate with others from your authentic power, neither dominating others nor diminishing yourself?


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