A Birthday Gift from My Higher Self

One of my intentions of playing with “youthening” is to completely lose awareness of my age. But, birthdays are still fun to celebrate and this year I received a wonderful gift from my Higher Self.  In a flash I was moved from melancholy to a powerful appreciation for our ability as humans to create in the physical world, and I felt deep in my core, this choice I made to be here NOW!

Soon after I received this gift I heard and downloaded a beautiful musical meditation from the group, Sacred Earth.  It’s called “Shine” and one of the repeated lines is,

Step out from behind the darkness to the Light
‘Cause it is time for you to Shine

I listen to this group during my morning cleansing ritual and get juiced for the day, allowing the question, “What is wanting to emerge from me today? to be present.  Then, I feel inspired to take action, such as making the video above.

What is emerging today from your choice to be physical?

Ideas for Stepping Fully into Your Choice to be Physical:

  • Connect with your physicality daily through movement such as dance, yoga, running/walking/swimming/cycling, strength training, gardening, etc.  Practice loving and appreciating all of the many ways your physicality supports you, saying kind and gentle things to your body.
  • Contemplate or meditate regularly upon the question, “What is emerging from me to share with others in support of the transformation of our world?” Step outside the chatter of your intellect and allow your inner compass of stillness, excitement, joy, curiosity, or passion to guide you into taking inspired action.
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