Alignment rather than Resolution

It’s easy to get caught up in the collective consciousness of this time of year that is focused on looking back on what didn’t work in the last year and standing in hope that the coming year will be different.  However, mostly what happens is the conditioned mind begins it’s litany of the many ways you have failed to live up to the expectations that you think you “should be” doing and makes resolutions from this distorted perception, doomed to failure because of lack of alignment with your Higher Self.

I like to focus instead on “what’s wanting to shift” and allow my Higher Self to present something to me.  I keep my eyes, ears, and all of my senses open to receiving this message.

Last year, through a meditation led by Tobias, I dropped doubt like it was an old trench coat that I had been slogging around in for too long.  Doubt was heavy and cumbersome, yet I was holding on to it believing I “needed” its usefulness. Doubt and I had been friends for all of my life, and I had tried many different tools, both intellectual and energetic, for eliminating it.  Last year this aspect of me was ready to let go of its grip and when I dropped this cloak of doubt, it was truly gone.  Freedom surfaced and began to flow.  It’s the freedom to dance and play mentally, emotionally and physically.  It’s the freedom to play with infinite possibility, yet having nothing to prove, justify, clarify, or even manifest in 3D.  I have a feeling that whatever shows up for me this year will continue to intensify this feeling of freedom.

The question to pose to your Higher Self is, “What’s wanting/ready to shift?”  Look, listen and feel for the variety of ways your Higher Self communicates with you.  The answer might come through what you read, hear, experience, imagine, sense, etc. When you feel ready, then you can constructively use the collective energy of change to swoosh your shift through. Let me know what happens for you.  I’ll let you know my experience too.

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